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Funeral Planning Advice

Many people choose funeral homes for all the wrong reasons

1.  It's the closest one to my home.

2.  They have always buried everyone in our family.

3.  The funeral home owner is a parishioner at our church.

4.  Hospice suggested we call a certain funeral home.   

5.  Our priest / pastor  recommended the funeral home.


If one selects a funeral home based on any of the above reasons, chances are you will be calling the most expensive mortuary.  WHY???

If you selected a funeral home based on location or they served our family before or the owner is a member of our church, chances our you didn't shop around and look at all your alternatives.  It is not uncommon to find a funeral home that offers the exact same services and merchandise for $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 less than another funeral home.

If you selected a funeral home based on hospice's or a clergyman's  recommendation, chances are you got scammed.  Why, the people at hospice were so nice and why would a clergyman lead us astray.  Simple, GREED!  You were probably directed to the most expensive funeral home, because the unethical funeral home owner kicks back sizeable donations to their organizations for their continuous recommendations.  The inflated funeral price your were charged is what pays for these kickbacks & sizeable donations.

We are not saying all hospices and clergymen are corrupt.  Most are honest and sincere.  We suggest that you do your own investigating, instead of relying on their recommendations.  Shop around and compare prices along with facilities.  Take notes and ask questions.  It will only take you five minutes to make a few phone calls to inquire about funeral and cremation prices.  After all, getting fleeced is not a noble tribute to your loved one.


 Don't Let the Funeral Industry Take Advantage of You!


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